Two Digital Artists Adventure Nation’s Capitol!

Thursday, December 18

Written by

Angie Jordan DC area

What a wonderful time of year it is to visit our great nation’s capitol! Washington, D.C. is always abuzz with excitement and positively electrifying during the Holidays. I had the great privilege of working with a dear friend and fellow artist, Roger, at an event with the World Resources Institute.  On my way to the capitol, I picked up Roger at Baltimore/Washington International Airport. We then headed off to D.C. for a two-day adventure in the city, complete with exploration, shopping, and art (both our own and others).

Digital Artists Wash DC

We worked at the ever-innovative Woolly Mammoth Theatre on D Street ( during the event with WRI. We had a blast drawing digital caricatures, but the real fun came during our free time wandering about the city. Of course, we had to stop by and see the National Christmas Tree, which was truly breathtaking. We also attended a street craft fair and visited The National Portrait Gallery ( to admire the works of great artists like Seargent and Chuck Close. All in all, it was a treat to be in Washington with Roger during the most festive time of the year.

DC digital caricatures