First-Ever Original Angie Jordan Digital Cartoon Collectibles Arrive

Friday, August 27

Staying at the forfront of the digital world, Angie Jordan has officially announced her first NFT digital collectibles. The first edition cartoon is based on her AJ relaxed golfer cartoon and character design and we’re excited to reveal it here! There will be several versions of rarity and bonuses with each NFT series she creates. This … Continue reading

Back To The Drawing Board!

Tuesday, May 18

Finally! Live events have returned and even thought this was not a request for DIGITAL, I am happy to return to ANY live event Traditional or Digital. School proms and grads are all over requesting entertainment and soon many events and conferences will be booming again. Masks OFF and I am fully vaccinated and ready … Continue reading

Virtual Entertainment is Still a Thing!

Wednesday, March 31

To break out a new Covid year, I was asked to entertain for another fun college event and a conference event back to back in one day! Talk about sitting on your butt for hours…ugh! Plus my dog decided she had to go to the bathroom really bad, while I was preoccupied. Another Ugh! Or … Continue reading

Virtual is a HUGE HIT!

Wednesday, December 9

Going Virtual for many shut-ins brings that personal gift for a smile, Fun and great memories to last a lifetime. From personal gift design orders to annual meetings or small family gatherings, Virtual Caricature Entertainment will bring in holiday cheer! Take a look at the many samples and events over the 2 months working with … Continue reading

University brings Entertainment to students at Home!

Wednesday, September 23

By word of mouth, my virtual caricatures are taking off online! Another university contacted me and I was delighted to bring students a fun selfie for them to use as their avatar on social media. Since many of the students were busy with class, during the times I was scheduled to draw and entertain, I … Continue reading

Drawing a Crowd

Wednesday, July 15

I had the pleasure of working with Scott Townsend to entertain with my Live Digital Caricatures at past ABB events and conferences in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Houston, Texas. Due to the pandemic that closed down many businesses temporarily or permanently, Scott brought “The Scott Townsend Show” in the limelight to interview many talents and I … Continue reading

VIRTUAL Caricatures!

Tuesday, May 5

Who would have thought in our lifetime that we would be going through a pandemic of Covid 19, with no work, shutdowns by our government, and carrying on in life trying to reach out to anyone outside our household with a mask and gloves? Well, believe it or not, it’s here! And as much as … Continue reading

Vegas with Tipalti

Tuesday, May 5

Another stop in Vegas to bring more FUN, smiles and great memories in my client’s booth, Tipalti. Attendees line up and my Live Digital Caricatures builds traffic so Tipalti can explain all about what they do and provide. While in Vegas, I tend to connect with other artists, or watch a show, but this time, … Continue reading

Bringing in a New Year!

Thursday, January 16

Another year went by and we left a decade to being a new one for 2020. At the end of every year, our company entertains at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, drawing guests with my popular Live Digital Caricatures and watching the fireworks burst over the Delaware River at midnight and light up this New Year. … Continue reading

I’m BACK Boston!

Saturday, January 4

One year taken away and my client missed me! Awe! I returned to the #MRS conference in #Boston to bring more fun and crazy cartoons for the hard working science students and attendees. Take a look at my #retro, #cartoon style, brought back for 2019 and more! Are you looking for a FUN, Clean, Top … Continue reading