The Saddle Mexican Mountain!

Tuesday, February 6

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Angie visited Monterrey, entertained for Cemex annual meeting and visited the sites in Monterrey and ran 5k viewing the beautiful mountains!

I am talented and blessed to be brought to countries outside the USA to entertain my Live Digital Caricatures for conferences. I have been to Italy, Vienna, India, Australia, and South Korea. At the beginning of this year, I traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to work with Cemex.

I thought I was facing warmer weather (getting away form cold weather here in PA) and when I arrived Monterrey was going through an odd cold front. Brrrr! However, on my last 2 out of 4 day visit, the sun came out and the temps climbed to 70’s and I had a wonderful tour of Monterrey. I had the chance to view their Mexican history in 2 museums downtown, eating authentic Mexican food, touring the famous old steel plant called Horno3, riding the manmade riverwalk, walking through a beautiful park and seeing the famous saddle mountain of Monterrey! And best of all, I took a 5k run down the strip near my hotel through their center island park and the mountains were all around me. So beautiful!

The conference I entertained were overjoyed by my visit and to draw many of Cemex’ guests into a fun digital cartoon. I hope I can return to another one of their fun annual meetings. Thank you Cemex!

Angie Jordan

Author and Award Winning Digital Cartoon Artist
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