Ipad: Back in the day!

Wednesday, February 7

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It has been awhile since I drew my fun digital caricatures for the SU campuses in Middletown, NY and I was delighted to be brought back by my client to bring many smiles and laughter to the SU students who are working very hard for their future career.

Back in the day, there was a time I took my iPad on first digital event with SU and the wifi ended up picking up a wifi printer from their upstairs in the building. I’m not sure if they ever founds digital selfies in their printer cue, (lol) though I managed to have 3 different ways of printing on an iPad and succeeded with that 1st iPad and stylus pen.

This time, using my Cintiq with direct printer connection, students were lining up and thanks to the campus student activitie group, they helped manage a list for many of the students to have a chance for a unique and awesome digital “selfie.”