MS Energy in Houston

Monday, April 27

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MS Energy in Houston

Global Energy and Glad Smiles

Energy – that’s what it’s all about, right? Whether it is the energy to heat our homes, the energy to wake up in the morning, or the energy to charge our laptops; it is impossible to deny that we just can’t live without it. The annual Microsoft Global Energy Forum in Houston is the place to learn what’s new and what’s next in energy creation, conservation, and consumption.

Flying right to Texas from Philly after my last event, I joined my friends from Infosys for this energetic extravaganza. Although I was only there for one day, it was still a fast-paced and fun-filled day packed with smiling faces for me to turn into digital caricatures souvenirs for the guests. Now, it’s back home for a couple of days rest before I’m back on the road creating memories to share.