G.O.T. – Digital Painting

Monday, March 2

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Tyrion Caricature by Angie Jordan

You know, as much as it may seem the opposite, I’m not always working. This past week, I didn’t have any events, so was able to do some catching up around the house. I finally got to paint the attic and basement stairs and stain our new bench for the kitchen island. Okay, maybe I am always working, but it’s not always with my tablet and pen at an event.

With this lull in the action before I head off to Las Vegas, I was able to give my full, undivided attention to my assignment for Jason Seiler’s Schoolism.com course. I’ve been dying from anticipation for the season premiere of Game of Thrones in April, so I used my assignment as an outlet for some of that anticipation. Here’s a preview of the digital painting of my favorite character, Tyrion, that I’m working on. I’m hoping this will abate my enthusiasm for the show for a few more months until it comes back on the air.