Cartoon Art can bring the most of your book or story!

Monday, February 2

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Cartoon Artist, Angie Jordan

Have you ever had an image in your head that you just couldn’t let go? Whether it be a talking cucumber hanging from the vine or a robot from outer space, you know that his idea has a story to be told. It is from these unshakeable ideas that great stories are born.

Story Book Artist, Angie Jordan

While the art of caricature give cartoon-like features to real beings, illustration transforms imagination into reality. “Chips” is a children’s book that I illustrated and brought to life alongside my husband, Scott. I am also currently involved with creating the artwork for another children’s story from an author that approached me after finding some of my work online.

It’s a wonderful thing, knowing that I am able to help these artists of words bring their ideas to life on paper. Doing so also allows me to expand upon my skills and enter new areas of the art world.