2018 National Cartoon Society Conference in Philly – Part 2

Thursday, July 19

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Another exciting part of being at the annual NCS Reuben’s Award was not only meeting new artists, I was added to the poster for this year by Steve McGarry, as the Wacom lady! How cool is that?! (I am at the top net to Tom Richmond! lol)


Also, we sing karaoke every year at the Reubens and I was thrilled to bring 2 of my Philly friends into karaoke for the year’s convention, Sprague and Harrington, who love to sing. ┬áPat did his Led Zeppelin and stole the show, as always! We had a blast!


Also, here are the women pioneers of NCS!

And here I am on the panel board, along with me chatting with Stephen Silver, a wonderful and talented character designer.

2018 Reubens Award, caricature panel