2018 National Cartoon Society Conference in Philly – Part 1

Saturday, June 16

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2018 National Caricature Cartoon Society – The 72nd Annual Reuben Awards

This will be my 3rd year with the NCS’r’s and I had a blast meeting up with my cartoon friends. This year I sponsored my art friend, Ellen, to become a member of NCS and we roomed together at the Marriott downtown, Philly. Ellen and I make great roomies and we will do it again for sure!

One the first day, I was honored to be invited to be a part of the caricature panel seminar. A very good art friend and MAD celebrity, Tom Richmond, was the speaker of our caricature panel and I sat at on the stage table with other great cartoon heroes of mine: Stephen Silver, Ann Telneas, and Sam Viviano. We did a show and tell and had discussions about caricatures.Below are some photos of my Live Work.

Next were a few of my FUN digital rendered caricatures.

And, I created a little animation about the geometric shapes that I see when drawing individuals and two examples were Tom Richmond and Sam Viviano.  First I showed the geometric shapes in 3D and then what I visioned to add up to the finished drawing. lol

See below!

Tom Richmond in 3D geometric shapes by Angie Jordan


Here are my thought reference images when creating Tom




Here are my thought image references when creating Sam


We had a few laughs during this caricature panel and I owe much thanks to Tom Richmond! He was one of my sponsors for the NCS membership! More to come!