Virtual Entertainment is Still a Thing!

Wednesday, March 31

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To break out a new Covid year, I was asked to entertain for another fun college event and a conference event back to back in one day! Talk about sitting on your butt for hours…ugh! Plus my dog decided she had to go to the bathroom really bad, while I was preoccupied. Another Ugh! Or should I say Eww! Clean up between gigs. lol

Luckily with virtual events, the people around the world cannot witness what came out of my dog downstairs. heheh. And speaking of dogs, I was asked to create a cartoon for a few pets with the college students, while waiting for more students to enter for a fun Digital Cartoon Selfie. At least the entertainment side is always fun when at a student gathering, plus I ask Alexa to slave some fun music while virtually creating cartoons for everyone at the meeting. See many of the samples below.

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