VIRTUAL Caricatures!

Tuesday, May 5

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Angie Jordan Virtual Caricatures!

Who would have thought in our lifetime that we would be going through a pandemic of Covid 19, with no work, shutdowns by our government, and carrying on in life trying to reach out to anyone outside our household with a mask and gloves?

Well, believe it or not, it’s here! And as much as this virus has spread around the country to cause a “ruckus,” everyone is doing their best to find a way to carry on. One way is Virtual Caricatures on Zoom and with everyone being home, we can all meet in one meeting place and I can STILL bring FUN, SMILES, and GREAT MEMORIES! WOW!

Last week I entertained on ZOOM with my Live Digital Caricatures, virtually. I drew students from Thomas College, Maine and I even had time to draw a few pet dogs. Woof!

This is the new 2020 year and if you would like to bring some fun, capture a few friends, family or attendees with a unique and fun gift as their own cartoon character, please reach out to me!

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