The Millenium in the Big City!

Tuesday, August 20

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Monday is the start of everyones week and mine began in the Big Apple with a great stay at the Millennium hotel. The hotel was in Times Square, just around the corner from the 2019ASE conference, where I was going to entertain and draw my FUN Live Digital Caricatures for my client, Tipalti.

The hotel was clean, spacious, air conditioned and very comfortable. They even offered FREE breakfast to include using an expresso coffee machine. Worth it! I will definitely stay there again!

I believe this may be my 3rd year working with my clients and bringing their expo booth much traffic. My cartoon style is a show within itself and the more I create each individual into my detailed “retro style,” the more I build a crowd around me to watch and to be able to receive their own “selfie” digital cartoon. Take a look at my creativity! It is award winning!

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