The Best Show on the Vegas Strip

Friday, April 21

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The Best Show on the Vegas Strip

Nothing can compare to the energy of Las Vegas. The lights, music, and hustle and bustle make you wish you never had to sleep. Every time I’m there, work is the first thing on my list of things to do and the last thing on my mind. This most recent trip was no different. I found myself in the Entertainment Capitol of the World to entertain at the Adobe Summit Conference at the renowned Venetian Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard.

For three days, I drew live digital caricatures for the throngs of tech junkies and business gurus in attendance. Morning ’til night, my stylus was flying across the screen of my Cintiq tablet, capturing the silly smiles and glittering eyes of the visitors at the Infosys expo booth. Although I was drawing at the Adobe Summit, I must confess that I was not using Photoshop (sorry, folks). My art program of choice has been Corel Painter.

While I was drawing at the Adobe Summit, our agency sent a colleague, Sam, to draw at a different conference just down The Strip at another Infosys booth. Since we were in town together, Sam and I had to take in all that Vegas had to offer. For the first time in my life, I had a professional pedicure. We ate at some fabulous restaurants, and took in a concert by One Republic and Death Cab for Cutie. We even met up with another artist friend, Kenny, who was drawing traditional caricatures on The Strip in front of the Bellagio. Kenny drew my caricature, and I drew his. I may not be a street artist, but it certainly was a lot of fun to try it out.