Skating into 2017 at Penn’s Landing

Thursday, January 26

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Fun Digital Caricatures

Skating into 2017 at Penn’s Landing

Every year, Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia becomes a wonderland of winter fun. The trees are all adorned in twinkling lights, and a skating rink welcomes seasoned pros, novices, and onlookers alike. There are few places with such an atmosphere of excitement on New Year’s Eve than here.

Just as in years past, I added to the fun and festivities with our Live Digital Caricatures. My year end tradition started with dinner at my favorite Philadelphia eatery, the Continental, then I made the short walk to Penn’s Landing with our equipment to amuse the skaters and party goers as they prepared to welcome the new year. I wrapped up just before midnight as the crowd waited for the clock to strike twelve and the new year to begin.