Next Stop…Tulsa!

Wednesday, February 21

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Angie Jordan entertains and draws the ABB party into fun digital cartoon selfies.

From Lubbock, Texas traveling to end at Tulsa, Oklahoma was a great adventure and wise decision to see the awesome Texas canyons. And I wouldn’t have seen the road runners and coyote running along the grass median strip between the highways. My client, ABB brought me in for the 3rd year to celebrate with their team and draw my Live Digital Caricatures for the evening. For the second year, our company has brought another artist, Al, to have more guests drawn digitally and to enjoy the fun and share their digital cartoon on the latest social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Wichita Falls

My stop at Wichita Falls, I was able to view the World’s Smallest Scryscraper and run roughly 4 miles on the trails in Lucy Park to see the falls (iced up at this time of year)

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