New Technology in New Orleans

Monday, March 16

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NOLA Bourbon Street

NOLA Bourbon Street

Pittcon, an annual expo on the pinnacle of new technology in laboratory science and analytics, brings together people from around the globe for a front row seat to the newest horizons of chemistry and biology, among a multitude of other fields. With attendance exceeding sixteen thousand, this event packs the population of a small city into one of the coolest cities in America – New Orleans.

I’m excited to have my own brand of new tech here at the conference (albeit, a very different kind), and it seems the attendees are just as excited as I am about it. I’ve been drawing Live Digital Caricatures in a frenzy from open to close during each day of the conference. I may have lost count, but if certainly feels like I’ve drawn everybody here, yet more are coming each m inute!

There is nothing typical about New Orleans. From the French Quarter and Cajun cuisine to the omnipresent jazz scene, no city can hold a candle to the energy that this city has to offer. My husband came alongwithmeforthistrip so wecan turn itintoa well-deservedvacationattheendofthe conference. After all, what better way to let loose after working than in the presence of loved ones with the fine food and culture that can only be found in The Big Easy.