Is that the Emerald City, or Just Annville?

Tuesday, August 11

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Is that the Emerald City, or Just Annville?


A member of the┬áBlaser Swisslube Hot Air Balloon Club of the United States calls nearby Annville, PA “home.” This Saturday, he’ll be hosting a ballooning event for his club colleagues for some free-floating fun! What better way to capture that fun than with a whimsical live digital caricature done by yours truly?

Oh, yes! That’s right! I’ll be (figuratively) along for the ride for 5 hours while the ballooning enthusiasts prove┬átheir aerial skills. I plan on keeping my feet firmly on the ground with some of the attendees queueing up to have their caricatures drawn by yours truly, but you never know when the winds of chance might pick me into the sky!


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