Hot Summer Sun and Tons of Summer Fun

Monday, August 24

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Angie Jordan ipad caricatures

Hot Summer Sun and Tons of Summer Fun

Summer is never complete without a big group outing in the sun. Spring Lake Day Camp is an excellent setting for just that, especially with their swimming pools, lakes and boats, and picnic and gym pavilions at your disposal.

I was excited to join Donna, my friend and colleague, at a company picnic hosted at Spring Lake this year. Although the event is an annual affair, this is the first time in a few years that I’ve been able to attend. Donna and I drew live digital caricatures for 4 hours, shaded from the hot sun, while the guests queued up and mingled with friends. Adults and children alike loved what Donna and I created for them. After packing up, we went for ice cream to cool down, then headed back home in the nicely air-conditioned car.