Come On, Everybody, Group Shot!

Sunday, August 9

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Come On, Everybody, Group Shot!

Sometimes it seems that I’m only ever on the road and have no time at home, which is partly true. And it seems like I’m always working, which is even more true. This week, while I may not have been jetting off to some glamorous city to work at a high-class soire, I’m still working from my home studio.

I’ve been commissioned to create a group digital caricature of a family of fourteen to be given as an anniversary gift. This is a really fun way to work, because it gives me the chance to slow down and be really attentive to details. While I’m known for drawing caricatures of people sitting in front of me, I employ a different approach in scenarios like this. I am able to draw each member of the family individually from photos they’ve provided. That way, I can bring each separate caricature together and make adjustments individually until it’s just perfect. I’m so confident that the happy couple is going to love this anniversary gift.