Chao! Sto lavorando in Italia!

Sunday, April 3

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Hello! I am working in Italy! It’s hard to believe my job has taken me to Europe and I am having a chance to see many beautiful places. I was fortunate for my client to bring me to the IDC Pan at Lake Como, Italy and I brought my spouse to see the sites and venture into other parts of Italy, as well. With only 9 days, we were able to see so much.

We started in Cernobbio at Lake Como, where the ferry took us to our hotel and I was able to entertain much of the Europeans who came to this conference. I was asked dot draw them, along with a “super hero theme.” Take a look at the photos.

IMG_2853-a IMG_2892-a P1050786-aIMG_2954-a IMG_3007-a IMG_3008-a IMG_3016-a IMG_3027-a IMG_3036-a


Next was a ferry trip to Bellagio and we took photos of George Clooney’s house on the way back. 🙂

Belaggio 2016 Lake Como 2016 my honey 2016 Bellagio Clooney's house-Lake como P1050781-a


Following my job, I was able to relax and grab a train to Milan to see the cathedral, the last supper and enjoy the shopping and italian wine and dine. Oh and a frappe!

Last Supper 2016 Italian Dinner 2016-Scott IMG_2863-a

We found an express train that took us to Rome in 3 hours and stayed for 2 days to “rome” around. So much to see in Rome and we walked all over the pebbled and bricked roads to see all of this….

2016 Collosseum2 2016 Colosseum 2016 trevi fountain 2016 Vatican 2016 Pantheon