Chilling in Chi Town

Monday, August 31

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chicago digital artists drawing at event

Chilling in Chi Town

I set to the skies again this past week for a quick, one-night event in Chicago. I hopped on the Amtrak to Philadelphia before flying out for this short and very fun event with Touch Point. Chicago is so rich with culture and energy, I was so glad to be there and was able to connect with two other artists and friends both professionally and personally.

My evening event was filled with very happy and fun individuals that came from around the world for this special event and really enjoyed receiving that special digital cartoon gift that they can post on their social network for a very long time.

Ellen and Angel, two Chicago-based artists came in to help me at this event, and Ellen was gracious enough to open her beautiful home to me to stay overnight after the event. We had a great time working together and ended up, as old friends do, staying up late into the night gabbing over a glass of wine and catching up with each other.