2018 National Cartoon Society Conference in Philly – Part 2

Thursday, July 19

Another exciting part of being at the annual NCS Reuben’s Award was not only meeting new artists, I was added to the poster for this year by Steve McGarry, as the Wacom lady! How cool is that?! (I am at the top net to Tom Richmond! lol)   Also, we sing karaoke every year at … Continue reading

Character or Caricature – Why Not Both?

Monday, September 12

Character or Caricature – Why Not Both? Creating original art from my imagination is a passion of mine. It is also a great way for me to apply my skills as a digital artist when I’m not working at an event drawing caricatures. One of the things I really enjoy is original character design. It’s … Continue reading

Come On, Everybody, Group Shot!

Sunday, August 9

Come On, Everybody, Group Shot! Sometimes it seems that I’m only ever on the road and have no time at home, which is partly true. And it seems like I’m always working, which is even more true. This week, while I may not have been jetting off to some glamorous city to work at a … Continue reading