Bringing in a New Year!

Thursday, January 16

Another year went by and we left a decade to being a new one for 2020. At the end of every year, our company entertains at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, drawing guests with my popular Live Digital Caricatures and watching the fireworks burst over the Delaware River at midnight and light up this New Year. … Continue reading

I’m BACK Boston!

Saturday, January 4

One year taken away and my client missed me! Awe! I returned to the #MRS conference in #Boston to bring more fun and crazy cartoons for the hard working science students and attendees. Take a look at my #retro, #cartoon style, brought back for 2019 and more! Are you looking for a FUN, Clean, Top … Continue reading

Lovely Lubbock!

Saturday, June 22

My 2nd year to return and entertain for my client at the LCU for the homecoming weekend to families, students and more. This time our company brought in another artist for 2 separate fun events happening on campus. I love the little town of Lubbock, seeing the prairie dogs popping out of their hole in … Continue reading

2018 National Cartoon Society Conference in Philly – Part 2

Thursday, July 19

Another exciting part of being at the annual NCS Reuben’s Award was not only meeting new artists, I was added to the poster for this year by Steve McGarry, as the Wacom lady! How cool is that?! (I am at the top net to Tom Richmond! lol)   Also, we sing karaoke every year at … Continue reading

Website Security Team – BluVector!

Wednesday, May 16

I was thrilled to be invited to draw my Live Digital Caricatures for BluVector at the RSA conference in San Francisco. And I stayed at an Airbnb in the Hayes Valley area and had my wonderful exercise of walking 2 miles to and from the Moscone conference. During my drawing time, I stayed very busy … Continue reading

College Caricatures!

Thursday, April 26

It was cold in the New England states, however, my spouse, Scott and I headed north for business and a get-away pleasure visiting Bar Harbor. While there, I entertained the EMCC staff and students with my Live Digital Caricature Entertainment and take a look at the happy individuals. Scott and I walked around the outside … Continue reading

Next Stop…Tulsa!

Wednesday, February 21

From Lubbock, Texas traveling to end at Tulsa, Oklahoma was a great adventure and wise decision to see the awesome Texas canyons. And I wouldn’t have seen the road runners and coyote running along the grass median strip between the highways. My client, ABB brought me in for the 3rd year to celebrate with their … Continue reading

Lubbock Christian University in Texas!

Tuesday, February 20

I was thrilled when my client from LCU made arrangements to bring my Live Digital Caricatures to the LCU homecoming weekend. I had another event in Tulsa not too far away, so I decided to stay and see the sites around Texas and I was NOT disappointed! At the LCU, I was able to hook … Continue reading

ASW18 Vegas with Tipalti!

Tuesday, January 30

Another new year and 2018 starts off with working with one of my repeat clients, Tipalti, and their fun team. Our Vegas booth was in the center and the traffic flow worked out perfectly for me to create many smiling faces into their own digital cartoon selfie. How cool is that? What’s even cooler, is … Continue reading

Ending Each Year with a Bang!

Sunday, January 28

Yes, the fireworks always go off at midnight at the Waterfront Skating Rink at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, as Digital Blacksmiths entertains and draws Live Digital Caricatures for the guests. As always, the music is blaring and the skaters come inside to get warm and drawn into a fun cartoon character! Happy New Year!   … Continue reading