The PBIOS 2023 Midland Texas Show

Friday, October 27

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Once upon a time in the colorful world of Live Digital Caricatures, a charismatic artist, that’s me, (Angie Jordan) found myself in a whirlwind adventure. It was that time of the year again when the PBIOS show beckoned me with open arms, and the Privateers, my loyal clients, were ready to set the stage on fire…again!

As I stepped onto the scene, I knew I was in for a ride like no other. My popular and retro live digital caricatures had earned me a good reputation. This time, my clients had gone all out. It was the company called Mind’s Eye that plastered my name and business information everywhere, creating a backdrop that was more like a shrine to my artistic prowess.

The PBIOS show was abuzz with excitement, and the Privateer’s booth quickly became the hottest spot in the show. Attendees couldn’t resist the allure of having their own caricatures brought to life on my digital canvas. The lines grew longer with each passing moment, and the sound of laughter echoed through the venue as I worked my magic.

What’s more, my artistry had captured the attention of the media. I found myself in the headlines, grinning forward at someone in my drawing chair on the front page of the Midland Reporter Telegram’s newspaper. My caricatures had become the show’s headliner, and I reveled in the spotlight.

But the fun didn’t stop there. In the evening, I had the privilege of entertaining the VIP party for the Privateers at the enigmatic “The Destination.” This eclectic venue was a treasure trove of delights, with catered food and a bar stocked with every drink imaginable. The band played sweet country tunes that set the perfect mood for a night of revelry.

As the night rolled on, Angie realized that she was not just an artist but a part of a close-knit family. The Privateers were more than just clients; they were her partners in crime, her source of endless laughter, and her chosen family away from home.

The night ended with promises of tomorrow, and my heart swelled with gratitude. My clients wanted me back for the next show in 2025, and I couldn’t wait to create more memories with my Privateer group.

But as I returned home, a sense of withdrawal settled in. It wasn’t just the artwork or the applause that I missed; it was the infectious joy of the Privateers that had become an addiction. As I sat with my digital art supplies, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the bittersweet feeling. My life was a whirlwind of caricatures, laughter, and adventure, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 😄