Taking Steps to Learning…MORE!

Saturday, January 24

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Nancy-Pelosi - Digital art by Angie Jordan

Step one of being a great artist: mastering your craft.

Step two of being a great artist: recognizing that you will always strive for mastery, but may never achieve it.

In that pursuit, I find myself, once again, a student. As I have many times in the past, I enrolled in an art course. I am studying under the very talented Jason Seiler through www.schoolism.com. Jason is a very accomplished portrait and caricature artist and instructor; it is an honor to study with him. I am in my third week of the nine-week study program called “The Art of Caricature” and am looking forward to the upcoming lessons and the next step toward mastery.

digitial drawings by Angie Jordan digital drawings by Angie Jordan

digital caricatures by angie jordan