University brings Entertainment to students at Home!

Wednesday, September 23

By word of mouth, my virtual caricatures are taking off online! Another university contacted me and I was delighted to bring students a fun selfie for them to use as their avatar on social media. Since many of the students were busy with class, during the times I was scheduled to draw and entertain, I … Continue reading

Drawing a Crowd

Wednesday, July 15

I had the pleasure of working with Scott Townsend to entertain with my Live Digital Caricatures at past ABB events and conferences in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Houston, Texas. Due to the pandemic that closed down many businesses temporarily or permanently, Scott brought “The Scott Townsend Show” in the limelight to interview many talents and I … Continue reading

VIRTUAL Caricatures!

Tuesday, May 5

Who would have thought in our lifetime that we would be going through a pandemic of Covid 19, with no work, shutdowns by our government, and carrying on in life trying to reach out to anyone outside our household with a mask and gloves? Well, believe it or not, it’s here! And as much as … Continue reading

Vegas with Tipalti

Tuesday, May 5

Another stop in Vegas to bring more FUN, smiles and great memories in my client’s booth, Tipalti. Attendees line up and my Live Digital Caricatures builds traffic so Tipalti can explain all about what they do and provide. While in Vegas, I tend to connect with other artists, or watch a show, but this time, … Continue reading

Bringing in a New Year!

Thursday, January 16

Another year went by and we left a decade to being a new one for 2020. At the end of every year, our company entertains at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, drawing guests with my popular Live Digital Caricatures and watching the fireworks burst over the Delaware River at midnight and light up this New Year. … Continue reading

I’m BACK Boston!

Saturday, January 4

One year taken away and my client missed me! Awe! I returned to the #MRS conference in #Boston to bring more fun and crazy cartoons for the hard working science students and attendees. Take a look at my #retro, #cartoon style, brought back for 2019 and more! Are you looking for a FUN, Clean, Top … Continue reading

Quick Books Connect – Tipalti

Monday, November 11

My first time in San Jose, but not California and I stayed at a wonderful AirBnB 15 minute walk away from downtown. As always, my fun digital cartoon style brought many to my clients booth, Tipalti, and brought traffic and business, along with great connections! This is the best part of my job that I … Continue reading

Mitzvah’s are FUN

Monday, October 28

I draw my #LiveDigitalCaricatures at many #Mitzvahs and every time I have a long line, non-stop drawings and everyone LOVES my style! If you are having a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, please feel free to contact me and send date, location and times. Thanks and see below how ? enjoyed her special celebration day in … Continue reading

The Millenium in the Big City!

Tuesday, August 20

Monday is the start of everyones week and mine began in the Big Apple with a great stay at the Millennium hotel. The hotel was in Times Square, just around the corner from the 2019ASE conference, where I was going to entertain and draw my FUN Live Digital Caricatures for my client, Tipalti. The hotel … Continue reading

Snow won’t stop me!

Tuesday, August 6

I had an event in Arlington, VA and we were expecting lots of snow, so I hit the road early and I went through the patch of blizzard on my way. It was a bit scary, but within one hour, I left the white cloud and all was good. I decided I should stay at … Continue reading