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Find out how Angie's Digital Diva skills can help your company!

Live Digital Caricatures

Attract a crowd at your tradeshow booth with my popular live digital caricatures. I've been hired to draw from San Fransisco to New Dehli.

Character Design

I bet you still remember the characters in the cartoons you saw as a kid. Memorable character design can make your message stand out.


Tell your story with compelling characters and animation to make a memorable impression on your audience.


Just a few things you might think are interesting.

Sofia Vergara

Character Design

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Character Design

Marilyn Monroe

Digital Techniques


Find out how my past can help your future!

  • 1980s & 1990s

    The Army's Caricatures

    My entry into digital caricatures began before the Berlin Wall came down. While in the US Army as a Computer Aided Drafting technician, I began blending my traditional caricature skills with the digital drawing tools in the Army. Years later I would take the digital studio on the road in what would become my original Live Digital Caricatures.

  • 2008

    Googled By Google

    After innovating with my Live Digital Caricatures, a little search company in Mountain View, California, found me using Google. Okay, it WAS Google. They flew my from Philly to their campus for me to draw at one of their bashes.

  • April 2010

    1st iPad Caricature Artist

    Apple began selling the iPad and I was one of the first in line. Immediately after opening the box that morning, I promptly began drawing those at the store and posted them to Facebook, becoming the world's first iPad Caricature Artist!

  • 2011

    3D Renders

    Zoe was a character of a dog I created as I began drawing more 3D styles as I began exploring more digital painting techniques.

  • 2012

    Live Digital Goes International

    Travels took me to the Netherlands, Canada, India, UAE and countless cities in the United States just in the past two years.

  • 2013-Present

    Apps, Awards, and Celebrities

    From drawing at Sofia Vergara's media event to accepting an award for Best Likeness at the International Caricature Convention to having my custom iPhone App written to run my growing business, things have been a whirlwind of fun and new experiences!

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